Each wire and cable has a particular field of specialization for which it can be perfectly applied. Just like in selecting any products, it is important for consumers to get a certain degree of familiarity in terms of application of each cable and wire so that in the future, problems will not be encountered due to incompatibility. Sometimes, because of poorly choosing cables, frequency of replacement increases. This is a case that everyone wants to avoid – in order to save every single cent of your hard-earned cash. When in doubt, the most important piece of advice is to ask the people who are knowledgeable enough. Hadron power provides the same for their customers

Hadron Power Pvt. Ltd. is a customer oriented company whose focus is only on a series of best international quality with control measures and providing customer with value added products, services & innovative solutions which caters their all requirements related to electrical wires and cables .

We are one of the leading manufacturers of broad range of wire, wire & cables, wire harnesses, battery cables, instrumentation cables which is dedicated towards caring of environment, is making contribution to society which is leading towards trust in all customer’s.


Management Working Parameter




Hadron Power Pvt. Ltd. sees itself globally with an exceptional manufacturing products &

Providing Solutions with consistent innovation for customer satisfaction.

We have the strong vision of attaining the position in top 10 service providers in India by 2025

and gradually holding the global presence in the top 25 companies by 2030.


  1. Business with integrity
  2. Quality as a quest
  3. Customer as the focus
  4. Commitment to the common Good
  5. Power of trust
  6. Learning to lead
  7. Spirit of wining

CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility


“Responsibility is the Price of Greatness”.

Hadron Power recognizes our responsibility towards the society in which we operate. Being a good corporate citizen ,Hadron Power is committed for raising the quality of life & social well-being of communities, resulting in contribution to the progress of the regions and the provinces in which we operate.

Hadron Power has a dedicated corporate social responsibility(CSR) team that follows a four-pronged strategy focusing on:

  • Supporting underprivileged communities
  • Improving health-care facilities
  • Education
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Improving workplace environment