We have world class inhouse High Speed insulating line for House Wiring/Auto Cable/Control Cable is dedicated line as per Customer’s requirement which are manfactured on modern laser controlled automatic machine,using the best raw material from primary manfacturers resulting excellent quality. It has flexibility, over managing the wide range of products. The configuration of the line also made suited to Customer budget and requirements.


Electrical House Wiring Solutions

For most of us, home is where your loved one lives! But, is your home fully secure and safe? Think twice, it is probably not as safe as you think. People spend plenty of time and hard earned money on renovation to beautify their homes, but when it comes to their house wiring & cables, they compromise. Resulting, the situation is grave and it needs your utmost attention. The health of your home directly impacts the safety of your loved ones and property. So, using low standard quality electrical units into your homes is like breeding dangerous creature.

A healthy home is the abode of safety, security and happiness. If your home is unsafe, with possibilities of sparks, fires and short-circuits, then it is time to partner with Hadron Power. Being the leading manufacturer of wires and cables, we at Hadron Power know that safety and security are the two fundamental values which enforce life. Hence, we have incorporated the same in our electrical house wiring solutions.

Powered with 4S feature, Hadron Power Stranded wires promise excellent savings, durability and safety. Curbing power leakage and preventing short-circuit issues; they are created to serve efficiently for longer periods. Designed by our experts and tested for quality, the electrical wires we produce saves 25% more energy than ordinary wires.

Enjoy peace of mind while living in a completely controlled environment, and live in the comfort and convenience of a safe home.




FR PVC Industrial Cables 1100 volts with 4S feature