FR PVC Industrial Cables 1100 volts with 4S feature

Application :

These cables can be used for wiring of electrical control panels, industrial sheds, buildings etc. Raw material comes from primary manufactures ensuring best quality.


  • 100 %  Electrolytic Copper
  • Flame Resistant
  • High thermal Stability
  • Eco friendly Lead free cable
  • Anti-termite & Anti rodent
  • Tested under Strict Parameter & Modern R&D facility
  • 4 S Feature: With Advance 4 S feture Hadron Wires ensure safe,Secure,Sound & Solid for total comfort to their loved ones. This advance 4 S feature also save the environment from the harmful substances such as mercury,chromium,cadmium & chromium but also eliminate the current leakage which cause serious damages to you & in house installation
  • 100 %  Electrolytic Copper: The conductor Drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper,anneald & bunched as per IS 8130:1984
  • Insulation: Conductor bunched together are insulated with highest quality PVC Compound to assured high quality standard & insulation resistance values
  • Anti-termite & Anti rodent: With 4 S feature Hadron wire assured insuation with termite & rodent repulsion properties
  • Quality Control: Hadron wire assured Highest quality standard in every products. Strict quality control are taken care from raw material to finished goods so to result into best product , meeting all quality standards easily